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Duct cleaning in condominiums is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. When dryer and bathroom ducts are not cleaned it results in excess dust and pollutants. When dryer ducts are not cleaned and are blocked with lint the dryer motor and booster fan (found in most condominiums due to the long duct run) are unable to extract the moisture from the clothes which results in the following:

  • Your dryer working harder thereby having to run your dryer multiple times to dryer your clothes.
  • The more you have to run your dryer, the more energy you use which results in higher energy bills.
  • The more work put on your dryer motor will shorten the life span of your motor.
  • If the dryer runs for longer periods of time due to blocked ducts, it gets hot and you risk a fire.

It is important to maintain your dryer every two years to reduce the risk of dryer fires and your energy consumption. Advantages of properly maintained ducts:

  • Improved airflow
  • Less energy consumption; lower energy bills
  • Reduces household humidity and dust
  • Most importantly reduces the risk of dryer fires
Yearly duct cleaning can... Reduce energy bills and improve indoor air quality Duct Cleaning Benefits