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What do Christmas Lights and Heat Pumps have in Common? What do Christmas Lights and Heat Pumps have in Common? / May 12, 2016

"Your compressor is gone. The unit is irreparable. You need a new heat pump". 

Just a couple of days ago a customer called for a second opinion. Another contractor informed them that the compressor is seized and they either need to replace the compressor or purchase a new unit. The customer called us for a quote and we recommended they book a service call for a second opinion. 

Our mechanic found the compressor relay and capacitor were faulty. 

Capacitor and Relay - $350 - $400
Compressor - $1500 - $1800
New Heat Pump - $3000 - $4000

I just went on Red Tag Vacations to look at all inclusive vacations. There are some amazing trips that you can go on and still have money left over. Not sure about all of you but I would rather money in my pocket to spend on travelling to a beautiful beach resort as oppose to my contractors. 

Here is a little TIP:
Heat pumps are wired in series. They are like a string of christmas lights. If one bulb goes out, all the ones that proceed it will not light up. A Heat pump is the same. If a compressor stops working it doesn’t mean that the compressor is necessarily the problem. It can be multiple parts preceding the compressor like a sensor or a relay that may be faulty. 

All too often we get called in for a second opinion and find that it is a $180 to $350 repair as oppose to a $3000 to $4000 new unit. Its a lot of money to spend unnecessarily wouldn’t you agree?

Almost every heat pump is repairable. The main reasons NOT to repair a new unit:

1. There was a fire in the suite
2. The condenser leaked and water got into the Heat Pump system
3. The compressor has actually seized mechanically or burned out electrically and the unit is at minimum, over 6 to 7 years old. 

Next time a contractor advises you to purchase a new heat pump unit, look for a second opinion from another company. If you’re not sure who to call, ask your friends, ask your property manager or give us a call. We would be happy to help. 

We hope this article saves you lots of money in the future and you will think of Sychem when you’re laying on a beach, sipping on a Margherita while staring out into the ocean. 

Nest Thermostat - Warm up & Keep Cool Nest Thermostat - Warm up & Keep Cool / October 22 2013

Who knew thermostat’s mattered? Although you may not have given your temperature regulating device a second thought, thankfully there are people at Nest that did. Using advance technology, Nest can actually help your home to adapt more efficiently to your changing temperature needs. In fact, the company discovered that your thermostat is actually responsible for half of your home’s energy spending; that’s more than appliances and electronics. And by maximizing the latest technology to your home’s advantage, Nest also discovered that homeowners can, not only reduce their energy bills, but they can also positively impact their carbon footprint.

Operating as a learning thermostat, the Nest system incorporates multiple functions that allow you to live more comfortably within your home. Using an automated scheduling program, the system allows you to sleep in comfort, remembers when you’ll be awake and won’t waste energy when you’re gone. You can even adjust the temperature from anywhere using your smartphone. Best of all, the learning thermostat operates the same way that your old thermostat did, but each time you turn the ring,  the system notes the changes and adjusts accordingly throughout the day. Now that’s smart technology that’s working for you.  

Connecting with our Customers Connecting with our Customers / october 22 2013

Keeping Sychem customers connected with our service divisions is a must for delivering effective and efficient service. In fact, during peak seasons, Sychem’s customer service representatives and HVAC repair division has found that processing manual paperwork significantly impacts our ability to respond and complete repairs in a timely manner.  Through Salesforce, Sychem is streamlining and automating its workflow processes to better serve our customers. 

Saleforce is vital in helping Sychem improving our service response rates and repair times by ensuring that all of our new and existing customers’ data is readily accessible. Now with Salesforce, following up on the status of repairs and maintenance services is that much easier for customers. By offering one central point of communication, Salesforce increases our customer service representatives’ ability to connect with our customers and provide the answers that you need when you need them. 

As part of improving our customer service responses, Salesforce also enables our customer service representatives and technicians to generate a complete customer history, including location and previous service history, which means that we’ll be able to understand and anticipate each customer’s service and repair requirements. It’s just one more way, that we’re offering Sychem customers the very best in service excellence. 

Homestars - Tell Us What You Think Homestars - Tell Us What You Think / October 22 2013

When it comes to selecting a service provider, recommendations and reviews can make the difference between securing a contract and losing it all together.  It’s one of the biggest reasons that Sychem encourages its customers to SUBMIT their feedback to Homestars, a rapidly expanding online community of homeowners and home improvement companies. Focusing on featuring substantive and real reviews, Homestars has quickly become the leading source for home owners and home improvement companies throughout Canada and the United States. Using the words of customers, companies including Sychem are able to establish a reputation as a trustworthy business. 

Whether you’re posting a review of Sychem’s services or reading about other customer’s experiences, Homestars also allows companies to respond and provide customers with critical feedback that lends an opportunity for ongoing discussion. Although finding out when we have hit the mark is a very good thing, discovering opportunities for improvement means that we are able to serve our customers better. 

Improving Air Quality - Breath of Fresh Air Improving Air Quality - Breath of Fresh Air / October 22 2013

From the indoor dryness during the winter to the bevy of allergens throughout the rest of the year, Sychem now offers Bionaire and Sunbeam Canada humidifiers and air purifiers, two new product lines that will have you and your family breathing easier.

Achieving optimal moisture levels in your home is essential to healthy living and with Bionaire’s humidifiers dispersing moisture into your environment, your home will be more comfortable all year long. By maintaining moisture levels, humidifiers also help keep hay fever and allergy symptoms at bay while eliminating static electricity. Even more impressive, you’ll reduce your energy costs, because moist air feels warmer than dry.
Using a filter system, Sunbeam air purifiers will help reduce allergens including pet dander, mould and pollen within your home environment.

Along with a sleek design, the air purifiers can be tailored to suit your needs depending on the type of purification required and the size of the room. In addition, the system operates with minimal noise thanks to the specially-designed air flow mechanism that includes a blade, motor and filter unit. As an additional smart feature, the filter-service reminder indicates when you need to clean your filter or when it should be replaced, ensuring that you’re environment is clean at all time.